Saturday, July 30, 2011

On My Way............

A few weeks ago, I read about this Greek yogurt called Fage, pronounced "Fa-yeah". I looked over the nutrition facts, and I saw that it had less carbs and more protein than other Greek yogurts. I tried it, and let's just say, I'd rather run an extra 10 mins than eat that yogurt. The worst part-I bought 4 of them!!! I feel bad for throwing away food when there are people in the world starving, but I just can't bring myself to eat it! :(

Last week, when I weighed in, it was 2 days early, plus the humidity was on its way back. I've come to learn, humidity is NOT my friend! LOL! While the factors were against me, I maintained. This past week, I've been splurging a little too much. I've been trying to get in my runs here while I'm visiting Mama, and so far, I haven't gained. Once I get back home to West Virginia, it's back to the gym!! I'll still go jogging on the trail, and I'll still do laps on the Law School steps, but I need to get back on the equipment as well.

In the last week, I've been told by some that I've been an inspiration. While it does add some pressure to not gain the weight back, it gives me the motivation I need to keep going with this. When I don't feel like working out, I replay the compliments people have given me, and I get up and moving. I have my days where I eat "bad things", like I did this past week. However, I will still succeed!!! You can't deprive yourself!!!!! That's when you set yourself up to fail. The things you restrict yourself from no longer become a restriction once you get to your goal and then you free yourself to have those things. A little becomes more, more, more. Next thing you know, the weight is back on and then some!!

I looked AWESOME 5 yrs ago after going from 196 to 154 in just 7 months ALL ON MY OWN!! And then-a little became more and so on. I gained back the 42lbs I lost PLUS another 20. I don't ever want to get that way again. I have so much more energy, and I'm doing things I never thought I'd be able to do-like run a 5K! Or run at all for that matter!! I'm hoping to do another 5K this Fall before I have to go back under the knife and have my reconstruction re-done. Once I heal from that, and I'm allowed to resume high-impact activity, I'm going to become a certified Zumba instructor. I was going to do it next week, but I can't become certified and then have to take 3 months off from it. That just wouldn't make sense. And my next goal...........well, that's TBA!!! ;)

And on that note, it's time to get ready for what is my last day of fun here in PA. I'm heading back home to West Virginia tomorrow. I need a day to relax before I have to go back to work for another 4 in a row before it's off to Myrtle Beach, SC for 3 days!!!!!

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